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"After all this time?"




from Paradise Lost - illustrated by Gustave Dore


Léon François Comerre - Le Deluge


'Pillars Four' - Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup

Once their evening meal was over, Helga sorted the bowls and placed the empty bottle of wine on the table. She was smiling down at the goblet in her hand, when Salazar’s voice made her jump.

"May I examine it?"

She was unable to deny that she felt a touch smug that her goblet had intrigued him so.

"Of course. Here." She passed it to him and he peered at it in the fading light.

He waved his wand, a light erupting from the end. Then his pale eyes took in the elegant handles, the finely engraved badger, and the small purple sapphires that adorned the stem. Then he looked inside it and frowned. Helga stifled a laugh. He glared at her over the top.

"How does it work?" Helga just smiled. He gritted his teeth. "I implore you…I must know."

She took it from him and twirled it between her fingers. She was never someone for secrets, but she couldn’t deny that she wanted to keep much of her goblet’s traits to herself. It had been a long project and she felt that she alone should be privy to it. She glanced at Salazar, whose jaw was twitching.

"I will not tell you all of it…but I will tell you this: this goblet was made with much more than skill."

Salazar stared at her as though he could not fathom such a thing.

He would not understand, she realised. So she just gave him another smile and said no more. And he never asked again.

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